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a city of pokemon shifters buried within the dense forests of northwestern canada there lies a city surrounded by walls so high they're said to touch the sky. within a world teeming with pokemon and aspiring trainers everywhere, this city exists outside the norm where children don't grow to catch pokemon, but rather to turn into them. it's been three generations since pokemon shifters began to show up around the world, and three generations since Delphia City was founded; designed to contain the mass panic and chaos that ensued while still providing asylum for people seen as nothing but abominations. here within the walls of the city, these people might be able to live as normal humans might within their own flourishing community. a save haven; paradise. read more
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Getting started
Welcome to Delphia! Before you join, you need to read the important informational threads that are located in this board (rules, plot, setting, etc.). This is also where you'll find the directories and claims.
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The beginning
If there are any important announcements posted, this is where you can find them. Make sure to check here periodically for important updates to the site.
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The Bulletin
If you need dire help with something, have any suggestions for the site, spot an error in the layout, have a question, or even something as simple as a typo in an informational thread please feel free to post here. This board is guest friendly.
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The support desk
All old, finished, or inactive threads will be moved here as well as the applications of dead or abandoned characters.
Post your character applications here. You are not allowed to start role playing until they are accepted by a staff member and moved to the appropriate boards. If you finish and there are no staff currently online to look your character over for you, we also have an Application Notification thread for you to leave your apps for approval.
Once an application has been accepted it will be moved here and sorted into the appropriate sub-board. Your applications are still open to edits once they are accepted and moved here; feel free to tweak and add minor things, however any major changes should be cleared by an admin first.
If you're interested in trying to plot with other people, need a specific kind of character for a plot, or just want to keep track of your threads and characters, this is your one-stop shop for it all.
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Do you want to carry out a thread in nothing but text messages, phone calls, snail mail, or even by a carrier Pidove? Here is your chance to make it happen.
The Surface
The Housing District offers cosy, welcoming neighbourhoods for those lucky enough to find themselves as business owners, officers, runners, medics and instructors. People are however encouraged to take walks and strolls through this district at their leisure even if they shouldn’t happen to take residence here. The public flora is well taken care of by the city year round, which results into well kept streets and a very neat and tidy section of the city.
Nicknamed as the Arts District, and for good reason, this area offers many festivities that occur in this lively part of the city. It’s well renown for its painted murals and colourful buildings, and it is not uncommon for an aspiring artist to add more colour to this district. To top it all off, the overall atmosphere is very relaxed and light, much thanks to the musicians that performs at street corners.
This peaceful part of the city appeals to the many naturalists. The public is encouraged to visit the renowned Floral Gardens if they have time on their hand to spend - or in general want a brief moment of relaxation and rejuvenation - or otherwise visit the small shops and businesses that make up most of the southern district.
This wide open, bazaar-like area is surrounded by a plethora of shops and stands of many assortments. This is typically where citizens can satisfy all of their shopping needs, and it is not uncommon for people to leave with more than what they intended. The Marketplace offers just about anything and everything, and it is a popular spot for citizens to open up their own shop.
Found in the lesser used corner of the large city, the sanctuary offers a moment of peace and quiet from the otherwise very busy and hectic life. This little corner consists of the only patch of natural nature inside the walls, and visitors are encouraged to take regular walks along the various winding paths through the forest. A pond is located in the middle of the sanctuary, and people are welcome to go for a swim in the summer or use it for ice skating during winter. Wild, urban pokémon are plentiful in this area, and the sanctuary itself is protected by the city.
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The Sanctuary
Threads that take place anywhere else on the surface inside the walls of the city can be played out here.
The Underground
The Academy makes up a large section of the underground district, and for a good reason. The property is dominated by several large department buildings, as well as the dorm building which students call their home while being enrolled at the academy. The border is fenced and patrolled at night to ensure the safety of the students, as well as to keep them in after hours, and keep unwanted others out.
A typically easy going underground district that houses the Library and the Hospital, as well as a few simple shops for convenience. It’s overall considered a nice neighbourhood by those who live in it, though is considered by some to be plain. Those that do not live here tend to view it as a very quiet and uneventful place to be, and those that seek a more lively place are not typically drawn to this district.
This district has the reputation of being the bad neighbourhood of Delphia in terms of crime and gang activity. It is not uncommon for the streets to be monitored and more frequently patrolled by officers, but the overall conditions of the area is not as affected by its reputation as some may think. People are, however, encouraged to stay away from some alleys and dead ends in this particular section of the city.
Because of the limited space inside the walled off city, the founders of Delphia ensured that they would be able to capture the spirit of the outside within the confines of the city. This dome houses the bio centre, which can simulate the environments of just about anywhere in the world. Shifters typically turn to this place in order to stretch their shifted legs or wings, although it is open to non-shifters and shifters that prefers not to shift as well.
Even more notorious of illegal activity than the Western District, the Blacklight District finds its home in the bowels of the underground. Rumours says items of questionable legality can be found here, but only by people who know how to proceed. Despite numerous raids by officers, no shop has been closed and no one has been arrested yet. This district isn’t as large as compared to the others, and because of its rather shady reputation and shabby exterior most people tends to shy away altogether from the area. The public is in general advised to avoid this area of the city for their own good.
Threads that take place anywhere else in the underground of the city can be played out here.
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The Outside
The wall of the city ensures that all of the shifters are kept inside and the rest of the world are kept out. It is a huge construction that can be seen from just about anywhere from within the city. Officers are expected to patrol the perimeter of the wall in addition to their regular routes, where they are to watch for daring citizens who may try to escape. Additionally, in order to keep the city a secret from the rest of the outside world, Officers are tasked with bringing in any person unfortunate enough to wander too close to the walls from the Outside. Naturally the walls are under constant watch.
Only the officers and runners are ever permitted to leave the walls. Anything that takes place outside of Delphia belongs here.
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The Outside
Out of Character
Here is where you can spend your hard earned Monies on fancy things for you and your characters.
Tired of threading? Come on here and play some games or idly chat with the other members. There is a Members Only contact info board as well if you're interested in getting in touch with other members through alternate networking methods.
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