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an animanga pokemon shifter rp
welcome to delphia
a city of pokemon shifters buried within the dense forests of northwestern canada there lies a city surrounded by walls so high they're said to touch the sky. within a world teeming with pokemon and aspiring trainers everywhere, this city exists outside the norm where children don't grow to catch pokemon, but rather to turn into them. it's been three generations since pokemon shifters began to show up around the world, and three generations since Delphia City was founded; designed to contain the mass panic and chaos that ensued while still providing asylum for people seen as nothing but abominations. here within the walls of the city, these people might be able to live as normal humans might within their own flourishing community. a save haven; paradise. read more
spring (until: apr 1)
updates & announcements
march 1st welcome to the month of march! february really seemed to fly by and we're diving right into some exciting things! make sure to check out the new event that we have running where you'll be tasked with completing writing-based challenges and can earn some pretty sweet awards! also make sure that you drop by this month's activity check before march 5th when it'll close and we'll clear out all of the people that have gone inactive. also congratulations to everyone that won an otm this month!

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